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Available statewide

All of our spirits are available at the distillery, and we will have regular hours posted beginning in December.  Call the distillery line if you want to be sure to catch us before then (206) 376-0937.  You will soon be able to search on our Where to Buy page to see if your local bar/restaurant, grocery, […]

Vodka release

It’s official, our first release is vodka!  As distillers, this is a big accomplishment for us because not all craft distilleries are equipped to make vodka, grain to glass, and we always knew we wanted to be able to, so here it is!  Our 100% wheat vodka is triple distilled and filtered, from locally sourced […]

Why ‘honest spirits. local people’?

Honest spirits. Local people. That’s our mantra at Kalamazoo Stillhouse. We make spirits HONESTLY. That is, we start with Michigan grown grain, almost exclusively wheat, and complete every step of the process until bottling on site, using the authentic distilling techniques that our ancestors have used generation after generation. We are LOCAL people. We were […]

Community-Earth day 2017

Our preschool family is one of the coolest groups of people in the world to us.  From birthday parties to “so what’s new at the Stillhouse today?” check-ins, to “where do I get one of those t-shirts?”, we’ve not felt more loved and supported by a group of people who were strangers just a few […]

The elephant in the room-inaugural post-welcome to the blog!

We have two “elephants” (six, if you count the fermenters).  These tanks are huge and heavy, they’re silver (stainless steel), they sometimes make loud noises, they even have funny feet.  See?  There really are  parallels between our equipment and elephants.  But that’s not really where the title of this post came from.  The title comes […]