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Stillhouse Vodka  -our very first release.  Made from 100% soft red wheat (and yet gluten free), triple distilled.  Grain to glass, all at the distillery.  A flavorful vodka with notes of butterscotch and vanilla. Try it in a Mule (2 oz vodka +5 oz ginger beer + squeeze of lime) or in a gimlet (shake together 2 oz vodka + 0.5-.75 oz simple syrup to desired sweetness + fresh lemon juice).

100 Proof Vodka  -perfect for those who make their own infusions, cordials, and bitters.  Same recipe as our classic vodka but with a bit more “proof”.

Stillhouse Gin  – 100% wheat, botanically sweetened gin. Finished in our take on a Carterhead still. Vapor-infused with our signature 9 classic botanicals.  This one is complex.  There are notes of citrus, fennel and coriander with a light body and juniper layered in.  Try it with your favorite tonic and a lime garnish or mix up a classic martini (in a chilled glass combine a splash of dry vermouth + 3 oz gin + dash of orange bitters and a lemon twist).

Navy Strength Gin  -we’re “gin people” as you may have heard, so this one comes in at 130 proof, made with the same botanical blend as our classic gin. Great for negroni lovers.

Bronson Park Gin- available now, for a limited time, ONLY from the distillery. Sip it, or mix it like you typically would with either a gin or a whiskey. Look out for more gin releases.  

Stillhouse RUM!- available now, for a limited time, ONLY from the distillery. We never thought we’d make rum but we did. Stop in to hear the rest of our rum story and try it yourself.  

Lot 1 Whiskey AVAILABLE NOW at the distillery only.

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