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Stillhouse Vodka  -our very first release.  Made from 100% soft red wheat (and yet gluten free), triple distilled.  Grain to glass, all at the distillery.  A flavorful vodka with notes of butterscotch and vanilla. Try it in a Mule (2 oz vodka +5 oz ginger beer + squeeze of lime) or in a gimlet (shake together 2 oz vodka + 0.5-.75 oz simple syrup to desired sweetness + fresh lemon juice).

Stillhouse Gin  – 100% wheat, botanically sweetened gin. Finished in our take on a Carterhead still. Vapor infused with our signature 9 classic botanicals.  This one is complex.  There are notes of citrus, fennel and coriander with a light body and juniper layered in.  Try it with your favorite tonic and a lime garnish or mix up a classic martini (in a chilled glass combine a splash of dry vermouth + 3 oz gin + dash of orange bitters and a lemon twist).

Bronson Park Gin- available now, for a limited time, ONLY from the distillery.  Sip it, or mix it like you typically would with either a gin or a whiskey.  Look out for more gin releases.  

Whisk(e)ys and other aged products aging in barrels, ready when they taste just right!

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