The elephant in the room-inaugural post-welcome to the blog!

Nic on the day we were playing tetris with the equipment before finalizing some layout decisions.  In this picture, from left to right are the still, two fermenters and the cooker.

We have two “elephants” (six, if you count the fermenters).  These tanks are huge and heavy, they’re silver (stainless steel), they sometimes make loud noises, they even have funny feet.  See?  There really are  parallels between our equipment and elephants.  But that’s not really where the title of this post came from.  The title comes from the question that has been on repeat since we finally said outloud what we were planning on “doing with our time” and maybe even “making a living”: when is the grand opening?

One answer:  soon.  It’s not really that accurate now, nor will it be accurate in a few weeks because in truth, soon means within our lifetime, but not next week.

Another answer:  when the time is right and everything finally falls in to place.  Here’s a short list of some of the things we’ve accomplished:  buildings purchased, big time demolition and clean out of distillery and hospitality spaces, new entry side door in building, existing bathroom upgrade 85% completed, streetside mural completed, major distilling equipment and boiler 95% installed, had a successful Bronson Park Gin event last Fall, new fire-rated boiler room, permits and licenses all either approved or pre approved (pending final walk throughs), LOTS of branding like business cards, signs, t-shirts, packaging/label approvals etc., 4+ conferences attended to collect information/network, … And here’s a list of what we have yet to accomplish:  production, stockpiling sips so we don’t run out too fast, and opening our doors to share our craft.

SO, are we “open yet”? No.  And it sure pains us to say so BUT “doing it right” takes a while sometimes, building a business takes time, and so if we hadn’t chosen such a regulated business, the timeline might be different but here we are.


Accomplished, Hopeful, Determined, and Trucking along.


Before we unwrapped the cooker, as it sat under the crude fluorescent lights (also replaced).


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